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Llumena Milenii Omneist Church of Mother Goddess

Come to me, weary and tired, take a drink from my fountain, eat of the breads in which I have made for you, that will calm you. Tell me your story, lay bare your burdens, so that you may breath deep, and so that you may rest.
We have high aspirations and goals as a Church of the Craft. We are not a regular Facebook group, participation is something important to us.
We do outreach to Witches, Pagans, and those like us, finding those in need of Guidance, and we lead them to find their own sense of Peace among all things and Nature.
We don't preach what any one individual inherently believes is correct, but that they are all correct. Because that is what Brings them Peace.
"Merry Meet and Merry Part,
In Perfect Love and Trust in Heart,
May Not You Hunger or Thirst or Fear,
But Find a Place You Belong to Here,
Hold Strong, Hold Fast, Hold Tight, Head High,
Fly on Your Broomstick Through The Night,
Fill Your Soul With The Magick Era,
Anime Culpa Decire Entera"
"An It Harm None Do As Ye Will"
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