Burning Bridges / Cord Cutting / Releasing Ties That Bind

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Burning Bridges / Cord Cutting / Releasing Ties That Bind

Post by Jean_Clark » Tue Jan 28, 2020 8:25 pm

Cutting Ties or Bridge Burning Rite

First, you get a large candle and split it in half without breaking the wick. Alternatively, you can purchase a Joined Wick Candle.
This is what a Joined Candle is


On one candle write the names of People, Places, Things, or Situations in which you wish to no longer have feelings for, the things that hinder your life and growth.
An ex, a type of food, an addiction, an enemy, something or someone you wish to relinquish your feelings for and ties to.

The other candle leaves blank- this represents you, and a clean slate.

Make sure both sides can stand upright in candle holders, or melt the bottom ends flat and stick them to a smooth surface, hold until the wax cools, this will hold them up.

Light the wick in the center with a chant such as this
"I burn away the ties that bind,
No feelings left, in front or behind,
I burn these bridges,
From me to you,
As above, so below,
About my day, must I go,
I am clean now,
A new slate, I doth know
Blessed Be.
So, Mote, it be.
So be it.
And Amen"


Then let the candles burn in or near a threshold until they naturally relinquish their flame.


If there is wax left or candle standing, bury it in the Earth, forever.

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