Hearth Warming / When Moving into a New House

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Hearth Warming / When Moving into a New House

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Make Holy Water Under the Sign of Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Fill a Glass with Fresh Water, Put salt in it to make it Salt or Brine water.
above the glass, draw a pentagram or Symbol of your choice, Rune, GLyph, whatever calls to you,
While doing this say:

"In the Name and Power of The Triple Goddess, _____(Insert Triple Goddess name here_____,
I beseech thee, bless this water and make it of All that is Holy,
Let it Vibrate with Gratitude and Honor,
Blessed Be, in the Name of the Mother, Blessed Be"

Take a small sip for yourself, never pass up the chance to drink Holy Water.
Sprinkle some in every corner of every room in the new house.

Circle the Entire house with Salt, on the outside.
Place BRick Dust at ever threshold leading into the house, including window sills.

Stand in the middle of the House, or as close to the center as you can.
Arms outstretched,
In one hand a lit Smudge Stick,
In the Other, your wand or object of choice.

Spin slowly, counterclockwise and say,

"This stead be mine, my path be here,
I remove old energies, and stray from fear,
I cleanse it all, from top to bottom,
let it be known, this house be gottened"

Now turn clockwise,

"My House Spirit COME TO ME, find your dwelling within and around these walls,
This space which I have prepared for us,
Our New Beginning, you are welcome, my friend, my protector, my guardian that be, _________(name of house spirit)______,
Blessed Be and So Mote It Be"

(This calls to your house spirit, your house spirit is a Guardian Spirit that is what you would refer to a the Soul of your Dwelling, it's what gives it life, this spirit stays with you wherever you go, forever, it chooses you)
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