Youth, Father, and Sage Holy Water

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Youth, Father, and Sage Holy Water

Post by Jean_Clark » Tue Jan 28, 2020 8:59 pm

Make Holy Water Under the Sign of the Youth, Father, and Sage

Fill a Glass with Fresh Water, Put salt in it to make it Salt or Brine water.
above the glass, draw a pentagram or Symbol of your choice, Rune, GLyph, whatever calls to you,
While doing this say:

"In the Name and Power of The Triple God, _____(Insert Triple God name here_____,
I beseech thee, bless this water and make it of All that is Holy,
Let it Vibrate with Gratitude and Honor,
Blessed Be, in the Name of the Father, Blessed Be"

Take a small sip for yourself, never pass up the chance to drink Holy Water.

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