Spiritual Cleansing With an Egg

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Spiritual Cleansing With an Egg

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Spiritual Cleansing Using an Egg

Spiritual cleansing is the practice of removing and clearing away negative or misaligned energies from the Aura or energy bodies. We are multifaceted beings composed of body, mind, heart, and spirit. Through daily living, we encounter numerous types, textures, and frequencies of energy. From simple thought forms, waves of mood and emotions, energy imprints and entities. Just as you accumulate dirt, sweat and physical residue, you also accumulate the energetic equivalent. So spiritual cleansing is essential!

Spiritual Cleansing is a Practice
I want to be clear that spiritual cleansing is a practice, not something you do once and then forget about it. You take a bath daily; you should practice energetic hygiene daily. In fact, a common thing I hear from those seeking spiritual cleansing is that they feel stuck, blocked, crossed, lethargic or even cursed. Often this is the result of accumulating so much misaligned energy that it snowballs into a whole streak of “bad luck”.

There are rare instances when a person is “cursed” or entangled in some energetic web sent by another person intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes these situations are connected to an entity or spirit being. But this is very rare, and usually, something that can be avoided with a daily practice of energetic clearing and shielding.

The Egg as a Tool for Spiritual Cleansing
The use of an egg in spiritual cleansing is rooted in many ancient traditions. It is common in Mesoamerican and Mexican folk practices of “Limpia” or cleansing. And it is very common in Appalachian Folk Healing.

The egg has long been regarded as a symbol of life and growth. Curanderos, Shamans, and Folk Healers alike use this energetic technology to literally absorb stuck energy. In this way the egg is a special container that takes on life and energy, when directed specifically it acts like a vacuum absorbing whatever isn’t necessary or vital.

Though there are a billion ways to perform spiritual cleaning, the egg cleansing is a stand out method. Across time and tradition, the egg cleansing ceremony has been performed and that is a testament itself to the validity of this energetic tool.

I personally cherish the egg cleansing. For years I have used the egg cleansing for family members, clients, pets and myself. Time after time I’ve seen astonishing results from using this method, and I know that countless others have as well.

One particular story that always comes to mind when I share this technique is the time my family adopted a malnourished puppy. She was a very small mastiff that had been fed a diet of rice. Needless to say, she had a lot of health issues. The bones in her legs had grown faster than her ligaments, which caused her to walk on her joints, rather than her paws.

One night I performed the egg cleansing on her to help mitigate the situation. The next morning I woke up to find her walking on her paws. Her ligaments had stretched so she could walk normally. I was astounded that the healing work happened so quickly.

There is no guarantee that cleansing with an egg will result in such quick and profound results. But I’ve seen pretty miraculous things happen… so it’s worth doing. Regardless, always approach this, and all other energetic techniques, as a complement to traditional medicine. This is not a replacement!

Performing an egg cleansing is very simple. You can approach it from a spiritual or religious perspective, or simply understand that this is a way of transferring energy. You are basically sweeping over the body with the egg removing the energetic debris held in the body and aura. The sponge-like prosperities of the egg absorbs and traps misaligned energies so that they can be discarded.

Common Reasons to Perform an Egg Cleansing:
Daily and general energetic hygiene.
After a break-up, trauma or heavy emotional drain.
When dealing with mental and emotional blocks.
Experiencing lethargy, energy drain, nightmares or insomnia.
Battling some kind of illness.
Haunting or spirit attachment.
When negative influences are apparent cursing, crossing, slander, gossip or jealousy.
When feeling stuck.
Soul loss.
Again, this is not a replacement for any form of traditional medical treatment. Use this as a compliment. You and only you are responsible for your wellbeing.

How to Perform an Egg Cleansing on Yourself:
Here is a simple ceremony to perform an egg cleansing on yourself.

You will need:

A fresh uncooked egg.
A clear glass of fresh water.
Some type of incense (frankincense or cedar works well).
Protection oil (like bergamot, pine, sandalwood or vetiver).
Step by step instructions:

Wash the egg by running it under a faucet and imagine that the egg is being cleared of any lingering energies.
Find a private place where you can perform your cleansing work.
Light your incense. Say a prayer or affirmation asking for your guides, guardians, ancestors, and angels to be with you. Ask for the assistance of whatever form of Divinity feels appropriate for you.
Pass the egg through the incense smoke while praying that this be a tool for spiritual cleansing to restore you to your highest expression of good.
Hold the egg in your palms and imagine it being blessed or intend that it is a tool of an energetic clearing. Think of this as you asking that the egg work to remove all negative or misaligned energies from your body, mind, heart, and spirit.
Relax, breath and become present. Hold the egg in your dominant hand. You can make contact with your body or hold the egg a few inches above.
Begin at your head focusing on the crown. Moving downward to your forehead, eyes, lips, and base of head, throat, and shoulders.
Move down each arm, touching the palms and then back up, switching hands so you can work the opposite arm.
The sternum, heart, down the stomach, focusing on solar plexus, naval, small of the back, reproductive organs, and then down each leg touching the soles of the feet.
You can return to any specific areas of concern. Places where you can pinpoint pain, illness, tension or any other issues.
Now crack the egg in the glass of water and set the shells aside to be thrown away.
Use your protective oil (make sure to dilute in a carrier oil like olive oil) to seal the aura by placing a few drops in your palms. Rub your palms together to warm the oil until the scent becomes strong. Ask for protection from all negative, intrusive or misaligned energies and rub your palms from the soles of your feet, up your body, palms, throat, until you get back to the crown of your head.
Thank your guides and the Divine for their aid.
After the Egg Cleaning
You can read the egg. Look at the egg yolk suspended in the glass of water to see if there are any signs, anomalies (like blood or objects) or other indicators of the energies removed during your cleansing.
After reading the egg dump the glass of water in the toilet and flush it! If you decide not to read the egg the flush immediately, or discard the egg without breaking it. Make sure to flush the egg yolk only, or throw the whole egg into a running stream, a trash can offer your property.
You can take a cleansing bath, work a protection candle or pray for added results.
If your cleansing results weren’t successful or you still feel blocked repeat the process again for a series of 3 days or 9 days.

A Few Extra Tips for Egg Cleansing
Hold the egg at the base of the head, where the skull and the spine meet. This is a very receptive area so energy tends to enter and collect here. This will help remove any strong attachments.
Think of the egg as you would a sage smudge and “sweep” through the aura.
Sleep with an egg under your bed, either in a cup of water or in a bowl of sand. The egg will absorb negative energy from your aura, and the room while you sleep. This can help with nightmares as well. Dispose of daily.
Much like tea leaf reading you can break the egg into a bowl of water after you’ve done the initial cleansing and look at the yoke. Make sure to let the egg yolk settle in the water. If you are skilled at this you can determine how the cleansing fared by the shapes that are formed.
Bubbles and globs mean the energy was absorbed. This is typical.
Strings can mean that more deliberate energy was pulled from the aura.
Black dots or blood mean that something major was pulled from the aura. Or illness was removed. Repeat the process again.
If the egg cracks. Repeat the process, and focus on the area of the body where the egg cracked.
DO NOT GET STUCK ON THIS! All that matters is the act of rubbing the egg over your body and disposing of it…Do the technique again if you feel you need more results.
I hope these techniques offer something for your spiritual practice!

Miro, Shaheen Spiritual Cleansing Using and Egg https://shaheenmiroinsights.com/the-gyp ... 2tur-2oYWk
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