Belladonna by Evanora Windflower

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Belladonna by Evanora Windflower

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This espresso-based recipe was created by me in 2017 for a barista competition. Enjoy!
60 ml espresso
20 ml butterscotch syrup
5 ml red food colouring
Caramel Sauce
Chocolate Sauce
Whipped cream
Chocolate truffle for decorating
Ice cubes

Add in a shaker the espresso, syrup and food colouring with one ice cube and shake well. Add in two different small plates the sugar and the chocolate sauce. Dip the rim of a wine glass into the chocolate and then into the sugar, in order to create a stunning effect. Add the caramel sauce into a squeezy bottle and decorate diagonally the walls inside of the glass. Add 2 ice cubes and a bit of whipped cream on top. Pour the coffee mixture and finish with whipped cream, some caramel sauce and chocolate truffles.
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